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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Dan Barger Western States 200 (CA) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Joe Miller Ozark Trail (MO) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Ashly Winchester Death Valley N-S Crossing (CA) Unsupported DNF

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  • PJ Strickland 13:
    yea, I looked that up to come up with a target time.  I shot for 80% of the women's world record which is around 6:30 for the 100k
  • Buzz Burrell:
    Nice Zåtopek quote!  Congratulations on being one of the Nominees, and I wish you luck on the AT!
  • ReginaMassingill:
    I'll be hitting the trail on 1/16/21, going West to East. Ready to tackle whatever adventures come up along the way! Thanks Marcy for inspiring an aggressive time goal!
  • mikejones:
    I've updated guidance on Englishcombe Knoll in the route description - see image and note above
    I'm positively ecstatic to be nominated for the European 2020 FKYOY. I send out my respect to all the other nominees, Pernilla Otto, Beth Pascall, Stephanie Kröll, Jo Meek, Fernanda Maciel, Aoife Quigley, Damian Hall, Anton Palzer, Alexander Hutter… read more »