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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
David Ruttum Colorado Trail (CO) Supported Complete - no FKT
Johan Wagner, Jerry Bärnsten Bohusleden (Sweden) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Christof Teuscher Eagle's 33 Challenge (OR) Self-supported DNF
Jacob Sargent New Hampshire 4000 Footers (NH) Unsupported DNF
Jason Hardrath Rainier Infinity Loop (WA) Self-supported Complete - new FKT!
Aliza Lapierre Long Trail (VT) Supported DNF
Renee Elsdon Jacobs California Fourteeners (CA) Supported DNF
Teresa Shiflett Colorado Trail (CO) Supported In progress
Helgi Olafson Long Trail (VT) Unsupported DNF
Michael "Radio Shack" Tidd Long Trail (VT) Unsupported In progress
Mark Plessers Langeafstandswandeling Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen (Belgium) Unsupported Not yet started

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  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    Formal Submission and write up to follow but, WOW!!! what an experience to do Solo and Self-Supported! I think I am awake again...after sleeping from 5pm until 7am this morning. The initial data says: I started at 8:23:XXam 8-14-19 and finished at 4… read more »
  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    I was thinking about this while out on the Rainer Infinity Loop, For the Reverse-Lollipop tab under this FKT, (due to the style set before me by Matt and Seth, as the current record holder as of 8-17-19, and just as a some guy who loves mtns)  I… read more »
  • Renee Elsdon Jacobs:
    Unfortunately I have decided to postpone my attempt due to illness (another toddler bug strikes again...)  
  • Matthew Kirk:
    This challenge has intrigued me since 2009. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try for the fastest and shortest GSMNP map completion before another decade passes. In the meantime, I wanted to offer some suggestions for guidelines along with… read more »
  • Michael Versteeg:
    Ran this yesterday.  Meant to do a recon route and then give her a faster attempt, but about half way through i realized how much i underestimated this route and realized i didnt want to do it again in the next few days, so my recon route turned… read more »