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  • COSultrarunner:
    I ran this CCW on 3/23/23. Heads up, the GPX route leads you directly into a dense, impassable thicket of branches and thorn bushes, and eventually into a swampy mess. This is on the west side of the route and is fairly brief; maybe 150 yards or so… read more »
  • klovis:
    Our names are Katie Lovis and Jarrad Bolton and we will be attempting to run the entire length of the GRR from turn off to turn off beginning May 10th 2023. We will be doing this in support of the Melanoma Institute of Australia with Jarrad being a… read more »
  • Kim Levinsky:
    Hi all! I'll be going for the women's supported FKT this summer. I'm eying up a start date between July 6-8; will choose the start date as we get closer and have a weather forecast. Really looking forward to getting out there to experience this… read more »
  • Jonathan Russell:
    Diversion at Windmill Hill, Ladbroke, adding 600m making the route 33.2km (20.7mi), compared to the original 32.6km (20.3mi). This is due to the eventually 29m-deep cutting being made through the hill (over which the route formerly passed) as part… read more »
  • tortocnt:
    Here is another video covering a section in the east of France