Fastest Known Time - FKT

The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?


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  • pbakwin:
    Thanks for pointing this out.  Actually, that person provides nonsensical times with the RT faster (1:30) than the ascent (2:00), and those times are obviously approximate.  Plus, we will not attribute an FKT without an actual name.  The FKT on… read more »
  • chad veal:, which is linked to describe the route, also has user climb times. It looks as if the actual FKT is 1:30 by user eb_boco.
  • xcdarrel17:
    I'm planning on running it unsupported this Friday, 12/21. If service is good enough, I'll start a Garmin LiveTrack that will put a link on my twitter @DarrelDorseyJr and then I'll post to Strava here… read more »
  • lokeshmeena:
    If you haven’t attempted it. I have a proposal for you. Let’s do it together on this weeekend. One of us start from church and other from park. Whoever finishes it faster will claim FKT. If interested then let me know. 
  • eljimberino:
    Hi.  Am looking to have a go at the Bibb FKT next year, either supported or self supported.    What is the etiquette for crossing or going around Wilson Inlet?   Personally, I think, to keep it fair self or un supported should not use a car or a… read more »