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  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    Peter Bakwin and I had pretty extensive conversation about this route before he ultimately accepted it, back before FKT was acquired by Outside. Glad to see others offering up perspective here. Reach out and get in touch, it is a much easier process… read more »
  • Lance Smith:
    I put moving time.  Elapsed time was 1:08.16 per Strava.  Lance Smith. 
  • Lance Smith:… Video of run. Clips of first miles as well.    On 9/25/2022, I ran the Iron Springs FKT   I beat the time and put up a 1hr 8 min 9 sec    I… read more »
  • azadventures:
    (it is only about 2 miles long This should read:  (It is only about .2 miles long)  It's a very short distance, not two full miles.  
  • 70LBHammer:
    Update: I'm changing my start location to the corner of SOM Center Blvd. and Hawthorn Pkwy at Bedford MM 877.2.  Garmin Mapshare is