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  • Wild_Turkey:
    I came in with a DNF by day four. My body kept bonking and by the fourth day it took nine hours to do a twenty mile road walk to the top of Lake Okeechobee. My legs felt heavy and I didn’t have much of an appetite. I believe my body still needs time… read more »
  • Carina:
    I checked out the off grid part and decided that it is too difficult for me. There is a perfect trail heading to the summit where I saw a lot of trail runners. If you want to be safe (if you are not experienced climbing) maybe try to do this… read more »
  • joachimcassel:
    Tackling this unsupported in the morning (Jan 26, 2023)! Starting at Will Rogers around 4:30am. Let's see how we do!
  • robmaso:
    Keith. This is a brilliant route. I can’t believe you did this in all that snow in October! Thanks for re-creating this challenge and improving on the old 15 Peaks course.  I highly recommend this FKT.  Rob. 
  • Nathan Broom:
    I think you (and I) have it correct, Kevin. The sign is clearly there to mark the true summit, even though it's anticlimactic compared to some of the viewpoints. I take Carl's point that there would be sense in having the FKT continue to the… read more »