Route: Backbone Trail (CA)

California, US

Jimmy Dean Freeman posted (12/17/2009):

A group of us will be looking to establish an (or is it just 'a') FKT for the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail (BBT) tomorrow, Friday, December 18th. We'll be running in the Southeast to Northwest direction (Santa Monica to Pt Mugu or Will Rogers State Park to La Jolla Canyon / the Ray Miller Trail / Pt Mugu State Park).

The group consists of:
Jamil Coury, 24 - Tempe, AZ
Nick Coury, 22 - Tempe, AZ
Dom Grossman, 22 - Playa del Rey, CA
Eric Wickland, 27 - Agoura Hills, CA
Jimmy Dean Freeman, 33 - Los Angeles, CA

We will be Self-Supported with a few people coming out at presently unplanned points to 'see us go by, take pictures, etc.' We have established 4 caches of water and food breaking up the 68-mile trail run into manageable segments so we don't have to carry a lot.

If anyone would like more info on this OR looks to do this run/trail in the future, feel free to contact me...

As far as I know, no true FKT exists for the Backbone Trail as it has only recently been fully connected and a portion went through private property, not to mention the 4-parks it goes through generally discourage this type of activity. But I found info on Howard Cohen's site...

Howard did it in 16 hours, 37 minutes, which if you knew Howard, you'd never dispute. Eric Wickland and I (Jimmy Dean) did it this past April in 16 hours, 59 minutes. This time around we're looking to do something sub-16 hours, maybe even sub-15 (if ALL 5 of us have a good day and don't take too long at our caches).

Game on & Happy Friday!

Jimmy Dean


Howard Cohen added:

Jimmy, I will keep all in suspense and wait for you to post tonight's results. Regarding the 16:37 I ran in 2008, I did not do that alone. Checking my website you will see a link to some pictures. Sue Johnston joined me for the entire run on that day. I also was joined on various sections by Jonathan Stewart, Bill Kee, Jack Fierstadt and had first class aid and encouragement from Chris Scott. We had fun that day and I suspect you had a good time today as well.
Happy Trails, H'ard


One other important point is that Bruce Hoff provided some early motivation for me to find the BBT and run it. His route did not follow what is now the true Backbone as it rests today. His 13:54 is quite impressive but with route differences cannot be easily compared to the current BBT time. An account of his journey is linked from my BBT page noted in the original post. Bruce was a pioneer on the BBT and his efforts were and continue to be an inspiration others.

GPS Track
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Can we post unsupported? Zac Barbiasz actually completed unsupported not self supported. I also know of the female unsupported fasted time. 

Hey Matthew,

Hope this reaches you well. If there are no fires, my friend will be attempting the female there and back. Wondering if you would be able to talk about your FKT. Also wondering where exactly you started, since it looks like there is one at the top of inspiration point loop, and at the bottom as you just get out of Will Rogers.

Please feel free to find me via gmail or social media, just my full name prestondanielgrant


Hi all! Sadly, the 2020 Barkley Marathons was just canceled so I'm hoping to turn my training into something productive: an FKT attempt on out-and-back crossing of the Backbone. Or, as I prefer calling it, a Back-To-Backbone. I'll begin at Will Rogers on Saturday, March 28th, and my attempt will be self-support due to the fact I'll need to cache some water. I just wanted to state my intentions ahead of time. Here's hoping!

Based off of the report written above, it looks like Jamil Coury's group was self-supported, not supported.