Route: Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR)

Oregon, US
453 mi

There have been a few reports of times for each of the 3 states through which the PCT passes (CA, OR, WA).  Some PCT thru-hikes/runs might have resulted in faster state times?  What's posted here is what we know for Oregon.

43.8533936, -121.9653216


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Hello! On Saturday, August 1st, I'll be attempting to run the Oregon stretch of the PCT, starting at the California border and trying to get to Washington fast enough to set an FKT. I'll be doing this supported style, with my five month old puppy serving as my dutiful crew captain, along with a bit of human help, as well. 

I will be tracking the run through my garmin inreach (and Coros watch), and will share updates over instagram as cell service and trail brain allows.

Beginning Sat July 24th I will depart from the CA border and attempt to set the self-supported FKT on the Oregon PCT, hoping to arrive at the WA border on July 31st.  

For the 20 mile closed section, I will hire a local shuttle company (available to anyone on the trail) to drive me around the closure.  I will backtrack from the drop off point to make up the mileage before heading north again.  My plan is similar to the one that Tim Olsen posted and followed during his full (and inspiring) supported PCT effort.  Only difference is that I will not use personal crew for the shuttle since going self-supported.  This will actually add a few extra miles and about 3 hrs of driving time to my journey.

You can follow my tracker here: 

Occasional posts to instagram @nortmanimal 

For whatever reason my 2013 Self-Supported Female time is not listed above. It was 9 days and 12 hours.

Howdy Hikers! I'll be setting out for an unsupported attempt on July 19th. I know someone who did this unofficially in 9 days so my goal is just to come in under that time and put an official record on the books. 

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At midnight tonight, on 9-1-23 I will begin my self-supported attempt for the FKT of the Oregon PCT. I will head north from the California border towards Washington. My link is public for everyone to follow along:

You can also follow along on my stories on IG: @jonathanpatrickthomas

My activities will also upload to strava whenever I get service and can be found here:

I'm excited to attempt to break this tough record recently set by Eric Hallsten.