Posted Finished Athlete(s) Route Time
1 day 7 hours ago Marcy Beard All Trails on Mt Falcon (CO) 3h 53m 19s
1 day 7 hours ago Flagstaff Loop Trail (AZ) 5h 46m 37s
1 day 14 hours ago Chris Madrid Cerro Los Piches (Chile) 6h 48m 24s
2 days 12 hours ago Kaitlyn Yonke 7:30 Mine Trail 54m 20s
2 days 18 hours ago Jessica Crandall New England Trail (CT, MA) 1d 5h 46m 32s
3 days 5 hours ago Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (WY) 3h 31m 7s
3 days 10 hours ago Oval Peak (WA) 21h 46m 47s
3 days 14 hours ago Christiane Buschka, Volker Buschka Schwetzinger Wiesen und Riedwiesen (Germany) 1h 17m 50s
3 days 17 hours ago Jon Ziefle Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 10 (NC) 15h 4m 49s
3 days 17 hours ago Jenny Hoffman Cape Cod Traverse (MA) 10h 46m 10s
4 days 9 hours ago Christian Pecher, Jan Sasinka, Lino Baldessari Innsbruck Peak to Peak 8h 40m 36s
4 days 10 hours ago James Neil Dartmoor 500 (United Kingdom) 23h 28m 5s
4 days 14 hours ago Leon Chevalier Dan Booth Round (United Kingdom) 2h 55m 31s
4 days 15 hours ago Nathan Thiel Conotton Creek Trail (OH) 1h 34m 41s
4 days 16 hours ago Abby Bennett Mt Washington (NH) 2h 23m 19s
5 days 5 hours ago Andrew Burford Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO) 7h 16m 49s
5 days 7 hours ago Jacques Saarbach New England Trail (CT, MA) 1d 1h 40m 18s
5 days 10 hours ago Henry Harris, Max Kilcoyne Northern Sangres Traverse (CO) 6h 57m 33s
5 days 18 hours ago Cassie Crawford Mt Rogers (VA) 1h 3m 41s
5 days 18 hours ago Volker Buschka Le Sentier Historique Des Gorges De L'Ardeche (France) 4h 59m 29s
5 days 19 hours ago Lee Butters Augustine Camino 16h 46m 43s
5 days 20 hours ago Ben Seldon Colchester Orbital (United Kingdom) 2h 3m 58s
6 days 4 hours ago Lauren Novak Greenstone Ridge Trail (MI) 12h 7m 7s
6 days 10 hours ago Salim Mohamed Fife Pilgrim Way (United Kingdom) 10h 55m 42s
6 days 10 hours ago Erin Ton Lily Mountain (CO) 45m 30s