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Amy Ansbaugh Florida Trail (FL) Supported In progress
Shayna Kott Florida Trail (FL) Self-supported In progress

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  • seano:
    It's not for me to decide, but I'd like to see it be TH-to-TH by any route, perhaps broken down by route if/when it sees enough attention.  It's more interesting when people can choose whichever route plays to their strengths.
    I am really curious about this route. I see Travis is credited with submitting the route, although the description and current FKT are from Jason Hardrath? I am curious to know if Mescalito has to be climbed via Cat-n-the-Hat? I believe I can… read more »
  • mpatton100:
    I will be attempting the Round Trip from Kaupo route, but in reverse, in late March. I am more comfortable with parking at the summit compared to Huialoha Church by the sea. I’d love feedback on where to park if others have left a car by the sea. I’… read more »
  • jdejoannis:
    Updated verification link
  • Karen Holland:
    The bruce trail just launched a new app which is likely the best map source at this time due to all the trail changes over the years.