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  • leahling:
    Hi Pollee! I got lucky with some nice cool weather yesterday and ended up doing the loop in 8:52. I started/finished at the timberline lodge access and went CCW. The river crossings weren’t too bad (I walked through all of them and didn’t bother… read more »
  • Pollee Brookings:
    Hey Leah! How did it go yesterday? I’m heading up tomorrow morning to take a crack at the women’s unsupported FKT. Would love to hear how your experience was! -Pollee
  • andrewglenn_:
    What a skyline! My family has a cabin on the east shore of Lake Almanor, and I've truly been dreaming of this traverse since I was a kiddo. I plan to start the circuit around 5:30AM on 8/8/2020, going counter-clockwise from the Brokeoff trailhead.… read more »
  • Christopher Ferrier:
    Segment Three Points to Bouquet Canyon Rd DNF 7/31/2020 by Christopher Ferrier & Chad Bruce Links to STRAVA entries below
  • aurelien sanchez:
    Hello, Last July 23rd 2020, I completed the GR 10 self-supported in 12 days 5 hours and 22 minutes. This is a new time reference as self-supported, as I am the first to do so in such conditions. This time is also at the moment the second fastest… read more »