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Justin Walker Ozark Highlands Trail (AR) Supported In progress

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  • Shelby Farrell:
    @krasammy SEND IT! The water on course is plentiful with the right planning. I had a super humbling run yesterday-- hopefully you'll find my report helpful once it is published! @dimasokolovskyy-- A co-worker and friend took a few pictures of me… read more »
  • UltraRazzu:
    Just ran the BBT on Friday and the water is off at the entrance, you need to all the way in and use the hose bib under the awning.  In the new rules it says “ commercial source” I guess that needs to be defined if that’s commercial or not?  Good… read more »
  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    Does anyone know what Dane's time was? I know a guy who did this exact run in a supported style, in that his 10 kids take turns running with him the entire way!!! about 10 days.… read more »
  • carloscarlata:
    Ruben, would you be so kind to tell us where exactly the water sources are? I’m your regional editor and I run this route (partially) few year ago, it’s gorgeous!
  • LondonErrr:
    I rode it in 49m01s :-) All 26 places. Started at whitechapel, did liverpool st and fenchurch, then old kent rd, up to fleet street, did the middle bits, then marylebone, ending at angel islington. Starting at Old Kent rd could be… read more »