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Nathan Longhurst, Travis Soares Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported In progress

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  • mclansing:
    What’s up everyone - On Friday April 23rd I will be going for the FKT record. I’ll be starting between 6-7:30am and will be unsupported. We shall see and the results will be posted here and on Strava.
  • Trevor Baine:
    I got near perfect conditions (started in the low 40s and I don't think it was expected to get higher than the low 60s all day, decent cloud cover, springs were flowing), and I had a great time running the southern portion of the Park for the first… read more »
  • Craig Millikin:
    FKT trip report for unsupported has been posted.  Awesome trail.  Above all what I learned is that going unsupported on a longer trail, your mistakes compound and can turn an effort into an ordeal.  I thought a pack full of gear and 12-13 lbs of… read more »
  • Craig Millikin:
    Good luck Nick!
  • Nathan Broom:
    I had a happy day on the trail chasing Peter's strong mark, and I came up about an hour short (or long). Grateful for the excellent support I had, and the creation and maintenance of this trail. We got to cheer in another 50 miler finisher at… read more »