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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Billy "Wahoo" Meredith Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA) Self-supported Complete - New FKT!
Jenny Hoffman Trans America Run (USA) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Callie Vinson Maricopa Loop (AZ) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Hunter Leininger Florida Trail (FL) Supported Complete - New FKT!

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  • d_hedges:
    I'll be departing northbound at 4am on Fri the 14th, shooting for sub-40hrs supported. I'll be recording at high accuracy with my Suunto Vertical, uploading to Strava after the fact. Live tracking with a Garmin InReach Mini at regular intervals,… read more »
  • tmeding:
    My attempt from yesterday shows the full 22.8 Mi route (in reverse) as I ran S to N, for anyone interested. Arnold Rim Trail (ART) reverse, Avery, CA | Run | Strava
  • tmeding:
    I was made aware that this route was on this site after running this yesterday on my long run. I submitted my unsupported attempt (ART reverse) since there is no leaderboard yet. However, I believe this route needs to be updated with the updated… read more »
  • marcy_beard:
    Unsuccessful attempt today due to snow.  Someone with steep snow skills likely would not find it challenging, as the snow was in great condition.  We would have needed more gear for me to be comfortable up there. Longer story... I purchased a day… read more »
  • Drube:
    Didn’t Kenneth Anderlitch run this in 20 days last December?