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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Nathan Longhurst Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Kristian Morgan Appalachian Trail (AT) Supported Complete - no FKT
Simen Holvik Self-supported Complete - New FKT!
Joe "Stringbean" McConaughy John Muir Trail (CA) Unsupported Complete - New FKT!

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  • geoffreyburns:
    Going to give the Historic Gold Camp route a shot unsupported on 7/30/22. I plan to start in Victor around 7:30am, but who am I kidding, it’ll probably be 8:30 or 9:00am. I’ll track the run on my Garmin FR 955, and I’ll use a second device as a… read more »
  • Patrick Rolighed Bjerregaard:
    Prøver lige at give den her et skud i morgen unsurpported. :)
  • Declan Kenny:
    I took on this challenge on Declan's Day, Sunday 24th July 2022. My Garmin GPX route can be found here: Due to fading light and the danger posed by the last 4k along the cliff path in darkness, I… read more »
  • Justin Savaso:
    Tomorrow I'll be doing an FKT attempt on the ART going from East to West, starting around 7am. I was stoked to see this route was on the site!   - Justin 
  • usfgal:
    Hello! I would like to publicly announce that I am going to pursue the women's supported FKT on the CO Trail. I will start in Denver tomorrow (7/29) morning (~4:30 AM) and take the Collegiate West route. The link to my Garmin InReach is share.garmin… read more »