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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Billy "Wahoo" Meredith Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA) Self-supported In progress
Claire Bannwarth Colorado Trail (CO) Self-supported Complete - New FKT!
Kristian Morgan Appalachian Trail (AT) Supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Lee Wingate JOGLE / LEJOG (UK) Unsupported In progress

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  • jasonwish:
    SOBO attempt from the NY/PA border on September 11, 2023.  Hit 50 miles in 13 hours and was well on my way of reaching my goal of going sub 30 hours.  Got stomach distress at mile 60 that I was unable to overcome and decided to DNF at mile 80.  
  • smvandend:
    I'm going to be attempting this route next Saturday or Sunday (9/23 or 9/24), depending on which day has better weather. There are some spots on the horse trails on the eastern half of the route that I have found somewhat difficult to navigate on my… read more »
  • nick stahler:
    This route is a gem! I gave it a hard burn the other day and missed Nates time by a whopping :26 seconds haha.
  • Paul Fernandez:
    Both runs successful. Managed to take 3 minutes of male unsupported, and 22 minutes of female one. Will submit all three for ratification.....
  • Owen Smith:
    Is there a Full Presi Ridgeline FKT? A couple years ago I did northbound Webster Cliff up and Howker Ridge down in 9:57:45. I especially like the fact of no backtracking, and it traverses the ridge the entire way. Starting at WC obviously added some… read more »