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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Andrea Sansone Nolan's 14 (CO) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Ben Light Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF
Michael Mcknight Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF
Jason Wish Sheltowee Trace (KY) Supported DNF

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  • Carina:
    Hey Gael, I try to do the route in January. Would be great if you can report how the off-grid climb went. I am not entirely sure why this route goes off-grid while there is a perfectly nice trail below, but maybe reality looks different from maps :)
  • runningbeardotom:
    Hey Robyn. According to Qld National Parks it’s 47km, I clocked it at 50km, 2155m of vert (Garmin Fenix 6x Pro).
  • Runningdeer:
    Awesome Bob! I enjoyed reading your MST journey report.
  • Dolores Bergmann:
    This is a race (a marathon+ other distances). The marathon course records are 2:29 Trevor Palmer (2015) & 2:46 Heather Furh (07).  The races are put in by Coastal Trail Runs.
  • C_Kirby:
    Unsure why this route is showing up on the Routes map where the Guana Tolomato Mantanzas trail loop used to be. Running GTM soon and would like to go for a FKT without conflicting with this effort.