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Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF

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  • seanbowman:
    Thanks Mark - I appreciate the kind words! I saw that you dipped under the 24-hour mark at IT 100, so congrats on that accomplishment. I know this trail has some serious elevation gain and I'm excited for the challenge. Thanks again for the support… read more »
  • lwingate:
    I’m reattempting jogle unsupported on 29/4/22 here is my link. I’m not sure what time I’ll start
  • Jen Walker:
    The .gpx file is slightly inaccurate on the trail portion that cuts through Poor Farm. The .gpx file shows the trail veering to the left at the second junction; however, there is no trail there. There is no junction there at all. It continues… read more »
  • Julian Goodship:
    Hi Jake - I did this trail at the weekend and recorded a video along the way. I didn't realise you did this unsupported (I left a bag in a bush around half way so it counts as 'self supported') which is very impressive - but I gave you a shout out… read more »
  • Mark McCue:
    Awesome to hear Sean, it's such a great trail!!!      I also ran the Indiana 100 and you crushed it!    Have fun and keep going!