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Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF

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  • Mark McCue:
    Awesome to hear Sean, it's such a great trail!!!      I also ran the Indiana 100 and you crushed it!    Have fun and keep going! 
  • Michał Kaniewski:
    Worth mentioning is a fact that we already were on this route 2 times covering almost 2/3 of the whole distance (Sopot-Wieżyca). Now it's the time for the full route :) 
  • Radosław Kowalikowski:
    Hello, My name is Radosław Kowalikowski and together with my friend Michał Kaniewski we are going to try to run the whole distance starting from Sopot on the 30th of April 2022 at 3.00 a.m (Polish time).  We will get back to you to inform you more… read more »
  • jamiesonhatt:
    Almost forgot to follow up on here. I pulled the plug only 3.5 days in. Became really sick. Hoping it was just bad luck. I'm lucky enough to hopefully be able to give it another go. Take 2 should be end April or early May. As stated above, FB group… read more »
  • bwherring:
    "A couple of actually fast St. John's University kids". That gave me a chuckle. Cause you know, the rest of you just aren't actually fast. Beautiful route. Highly recommend it. Looks like the race is January uses a portion of this… read more »