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  • mattford19:
    I am planning on making an attempt starting on the 21st of April. I will be going north to south following the same route at the Ultramarathonboys. I will be supported/crewed. I will post a tracker closer to the day. 
  • jackcooper92:
    It appears no times are listed, but I believe this record is held by Jacob Sims and Julien Brewster in 2:26:36 on April 19th, 2022. Link to Khmer Times News article  
  • COSultrarunner:
    I pushed hard to finish the one-way FKT under the previous time. I did it by only 1 minute, 48 seconds! In mid-March it was difficult at times to see the trail with copious leaves obscuring the trail. I had to stop many times to look around for the… read more »
  • COSultrarunner:
    Bummer, I drove all the way to the park only to find out ALL the trails in the park were closed due to recent storms with fallen trees over the trail. Coincidentally, I was coming from another Tennessee state park, Frozen Head, where none of the… read more »
  • COSultrarunner:
    Heads up, the distance on this route should be in miles, not kilometers. I measured about 10.5 miles round trip.