Fastest Known Time - FKT

The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?


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  • Lee Berube:
    Hey everyone, I am planning my race and FKT attempt schedule for 2019 and the Pemi is top on my list. After analyzing previous attempts and map data, I believe that the fastest time will likely result from starting the attempt within the loop rather… read more »
  • Jeff Schuler:
    Going to take a swing at the Crescent Trail one-way tomorrow. My friend Ben Mears and I will be doing this together as an unsupported team, leaving from the SW start around 8am. Not the best time of year for this -- super muddy and with a lot of icy… read more »
  • lokeshmeena:
    My trip report:
  • lokeshmeena:
    I finished new FKT in 05hr:30min:50sec. I have submitted my FKT to the FKT Team. Thank you so much.
  • lokeshmeena:
    This is to declare my intention to run unsupported FKT on Sunday, December 23, 2018. I will start Garmin Live Tracking and I will put a link on my twitter account @LokeshMeenaUSA and I will also upload my activity on my Strava profile at https://www… read more »