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Justin Walker Ozark Highlands Trail (AR) Supported In progress

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  • dimasokolovskyy:
    nope, using public water sources available to everyone is allowed for unsupported  they did change some other rules though where having a friend take a picture of you running through a parking lot is now “supported” smh
  • krasamny:
    Hi everyone - I'll be making an attempt this Friday 2/26/21 on the east-to-west route. Will be posting the run on strava afterwards and will have rough live tracking available at: I will not be caching any food/water.… read more »
  • mikejones:
    The GPX file has been updated to include the full distance of the route between Bourton-in-the-Water and Henley.
  • Bryan Beel:
    Great job.  This trail caught my eye last summer as a real stretch goal, and some of the online descriptions made it seem possibly impassable (the missing bridges).  Nice effort, and cool that you established this route.
  • Mike Pini:
    Sam, You have made a very valid point. Although most of the route was run accurately, the start of the Oxfordshire Way is indeed in Bourton-on-the-Water. As a result the FKT Team has taken the decision to remove this FKT attempt. Regards, Mike FKT… read more »