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  • laurenrenteria:
    Going for this unsupported effort on April 22 or 23, 2023! 
  • COSultrarunner:
    I ran this one again on March 8, 2023 during another road trip. I pushed hard to beat my own previous FKT. Conditions were much different. Temperature was more favorable, however the footing was a little slippery from past rains. I will never… read more »
  • COSultrarunner:
    An oasis just off I-70! Loved this route. More challenging than I expected. I encountered some fierce headwinds especially on the eastern part of the course. The hills were relatively short but pretty steep. Some of the grasses were still in a… read more »
  • Riley Ormiston:
    I scouted this out mid-October 2021. There's a use trail that connects East Point and the south ridge, but it's signed as closed due to unstable cliffs.  The rangers suggested I might find water at Wreck, Green, and/or Cow Canyons. I found (muddy)… read more »
  • Mark McCue:
    Made it!  I'll submit my stuff tomorrow.     Be advised there are 30+ downed tree's throughout and the last 5 miles were a mess with trees as well.   I discovered I'm not in good tree climbing… read more »