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  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    Jeff’s pace on that terrain was brutal. held on for about 7 miles, missed a chance to get on solid trail ended up on a boulder strewn stretch of beach instead, mentally popped, found the trail, tried to get back on pace for a few miles then the… read more »
  • Andrew Lent:
    I, Andrew Lent will be attempting this Seneca Greenway Trail fkt tomorrow, Tuesday 1/21/20. I will be doing it unsupported heading southbound starting my watch at the northern terminus of the northern Magruder branch trailhead on Shelldrake Circle.… read more »
  • Christophe Stahl:
    Better with the link :-)
  • Christophe Stahl:
    Thank you adding the route. It looks pretty interesting to me. I just wanted to add a link to the map I created on where you can download the GPX file. Looking at the link with the PDF file, I made it start on the east side of the… read more »
  • Joe Kallo:
    In fact, it's 36 miles after all. Once again, I am CalTopo's fool.