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  • Jamie Maker:
    Good work, Neil 👊🏻. I think finishing at Winchester is probably the more inspiring choice! And you're right... something has to be done about that route marking!!! 
  • juan carlos saavedra rodriguez:
    Vengan, disfruten y sufran de una corta pero super demandante ruta en ascenso que los hará sacar hasta el último aliento del esfuerzo, pero con la recompensa de una vista inigualable de la barranca de huentitan ya en la parte más alta y meta de esta… read more »
  • Matthew Griffith:
    I'll be heading out for an unsupported attempt on October 17.
  • Matt Ozanic:
    Thanks Johnny D!! It is a beautiful route.  It doesn't matter how many times I've run each of the segments, I always see something new to explore.  It is a great place to play in the back yard 
  • Adam Young:
    I ALSO will be attempting an unsupported out and back fkt starting on October 23, 2020. 3rd times a charm. Tracking will start shortly after 7am. Link to tracking-