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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Hunter Leininger Florida Trail (FL) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Billy "Wahoo" Meredith Pinhoti Trail (AL, GA) Self-supported DNF
Bob Stewart Benton MacKaye Trail (GA, TN, NC) Unsupported DNF
Clinton Straughen Arizona Trail (AZ) Unsupported DNF
Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported In progress

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  • olgav100:
    I will be attempting to hike the Colorado Trail from Durango to Denver, West to East (also known as NoBo), Collegiate West. I am starting around this weekend (4th of July). I will hike in traditional through-hiker style, UN-supported, following all… read more »
  • christopher osborne:
    I will be attempting to break the Self-Supported record set by Josh Pulattie. I am planning to start July 9 or 10 going NOBO. I will attempt to ford where possible or use official alternatives. I will use the GPX tracking file from my Coros watch… read more »
  • sonniopel:
    Erster Versuch auf der Runde und eigentlich sollte es locker und gemütlich werden. Also, gemütlich ist die Zeit, aber locker war es nicht. Fand es ganz schön anstrengend, aber alles in allem ist die Runde flach, Sonntagmorgen um 6:00 Uhr gut zu… read more »
  • AndrewBlatecky:
    I would like to announce at on 7/4/2021 at 2am I'll be attempting a self-supported attempt at the Golden - Mt Evans FKT. Attempt can be tracked here:
  • Alexander Koops:
    I am planning to attempt the triple crown by foot and bike starting this Friday, July 2. route plan:  Start at Deer Springs Trailhead on San Jacinto Friday afternoon and climb San Jacinto... then bike to San Gorgonio, Vivian creek trailhead and… read more »