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Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF

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  • boona7x:
    I will be putting in an attempt for a double lap of the Isle of Wight coast path on the dates June 14th/15th/16th, start time tbc. As a resident of the island the last few months have been a disaster for the popular route due to major landslips in… read more »
  • joeyajames:
    I plan to start running May 4 from Holland MI Amtrak station. My GPS beacon will show live tracking here,  You can also view my planned route on Google maps,… read more »
  • David Sinclair:
    I went for this yesterday after skiing Shasta for the first time Monday since conditions were so perfect. All went surprisingly smoothly and I was able to go under Jack’s round trip ski FKT in 2:16:36 with most of the time improvements gained high… read more »
  • trey_mead81:
    Going to try to get the first time posted for the male one way and out and back FTK this Saturday. 
  • Boots on the Trail:
    Completed the Mitchell Vertical Mile on 4/6/24. Started in Old Fort on the Curtis Creek Bridge on Hwy 70/E Main St to get a low enough start point. My route took me > 19 miles to complete. The last 2 miles were all snow and ice. This was a… read more »