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Michael Koppy Superior Hiking Trail (MN) Supported In progress

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  • Jacob_Snochowski:
    Current record is held by Dennis Beresford, stands at 12:44 and was set in 1989.
  • Brian Loose:
    I just got home from a southbound unsupported FKT attempt (very last minute - decided to do it around 3:30 p.m. today).  I followed the same route as Katie O and started at the Darlington Shelter and ran to the rock/plaque at Center Point Knob. … read more »
  • lancelot610:
    Hi everyone,  I started at 7:34am Saturday May 23 from TH #1, reached TH #15 at 2:10pm. Managed to complete LSHT in 2 days, 6 hours and 6 mins. Day 1 was really hot, I think 93F+? I was only able to run for the first couple hours, then the… read more »
  • Justin Sackett:
    Hey guys, turns out I'm and idiot and took a wrong turn near pigeon hill on the final bit of the loop. So don't look at my gpx, look at the North, Central and South trail maps on the Kennesaw Mountain website (like I should have). I'll give the… read more »
  • Tobias Andersson:
    I just got back from a course recce of the Bay to Ridge Trail and noticed that a couple of trails in Foothills Park and Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve are now one-way only due to COVID-19. Since I'm itching to give this FKT a go and want to… read more »