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Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF

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  • almosteliterunner:
    This FKT should be null void. The runner skipped a runnable portion of the back bay and I assume on purpose so his seg didnt match some of the elite marathoners that train here. Having run with 2 of the local clubs there I can tell you (see strava… read more »
  • BURTON1708:
    If you're planning an attempt at this FKT, we'd love to help and provide support or even logistical details we gathered in our research! You can reach out to Albert & I on Instagram @Ultramarathonboys - Go get it!
  • summit21:
    As described by FKT clock-wise fashion, Kelsey Erickson holds the mark at 55:15, Strava link. Counterclockwise the record appears to be Kristina Mascarenas Strava link:… read more »
  • adverscend:
    I will make another attempt at an Appalachian Trail north-bound FKT, starting Wednesday, July 14th at ~6:00 p.m. Cached supplies in advance--default is self-supported style; may adjust. Live tracking using Somewear: device:… read more »
  • Brianna Tidd:
    Beautiful day.  Post heat wave conditions were rough down the Emmons, and after some discussion, we weren't comfortable going for round two.  "Crevasse too open". Hard but safe call.  The Mother of Waters has humbled us to wait for a better time. … read more »